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Design of the vegetable stores

Design of the vegetable stores
  • Design of the vegetable stores

Design of the vegetable stores



Our company was founded in 2004. The main type of activity of the firm - installation of equipment for vegetable storage and cooling chambers. During the existence of the enterprise, our representatives have repeatedly traveled abroad for training and exchange of experience for the storage and cooling of different types of products with leading experts in the industry.

Our company has created its own program monitoring and management of the storage process of vegetable production, is not inferior to their foreign counterparts functionality. But several times economically and financially advantageous for the acquisition due to the fact that it is our own development and has no intermediaries between the developer and the consumer, as well as fully adapted to our management and control system. This allows you to quickly resolve problems that arise during product storage. Having a great experience for the period of work in the field of root crops for storage services, cabbage, onion, we can state with confidence that our store product today is cost-effective.

Since 2005, we have been made about 20 vegetable stores, which were applied our recent design for installation of equipment and software.

Results storage onions - the storage period of 10 months (September - July). Natural shrinkage losses amounted to 7%, germination - 1%. Energy costs - 80,000 kW / 1,000 tons.

Our energy system through the application of its own intellectual development of the program, take into account the environmental conditions and the maximum use of in order to maintain the required parameters in vegetable storage. Thus cost reduction is performed by turning off the compressors (artificial cold). Also, we apply equipment with high efficiency refrigeration companies Bitzer (Germany) and of Dorin (Italy), working at the electronic expansion valve, which can significantly reduce shrinkage of the product.

For ventilation systems used to pneumopumps EbmPapst manufactured with very low power consumption and multiple speeds, allowing the system after entering the product storage mode to reduce power consumption by 30%.

We are a fairly young company, but nevertheless attract the best young professionals in the field of ventilation, programming, heat, thanks to which we are able to differentiated approach to each task of the customer, based on its technical requirements and budget.

If you will have to present the proposal, we will try to organize existing objects leaving interested parties to familiarize themselves with our technologies.

Information is up-to-date: 21.03.2019

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